LDPE recycled material

LDPE is flexible, tough and relatively transparent.
The density range of LDPE is between 0.910 “€” 0.940 g/cm3.
LDPE can withstand temperatures around 80°C continuously.
Compared with HDPE, LDPE has higher elasticity and lower tensile strength. That is, LDPE is more flexible, but less strong.
LDPE has excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, alkalis and esters.
LDPE has good resistance to aldehydes, ketones and vegetable oils.

Product Description

Which products are made from LDPE?
grocery bag
Thin packaging (bread, newspaper, dry cleaning, sandwich bags, etc.)
Plastic film (i.e. plastic wrap, plastic wrap)
squeeze bottle
Six sealing rings (for soda)
Moisture-proof layer under construction
agricultural packaging
Plastic laminate for cardboard milk and juice bottles

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