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With the seriousness of plastic pollution, recycled materials have become a staple brand for various brands in order to promote plastic recycling and reduce plastic pollution. Strict recycling standards, traceability, higher supply chain supervision, and higher quality requirements. in March 2023, a number of recycled materials from Shenzhen Hongdao New Material Technology Co., Ltd. received GRS certification.

What is GRS certification?

GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard) is an international, voluntary and comprehensive product standard that specifies third-party certification for recycling content, chain of custody, social and environmental restrictions. The certified products are eligible to use the globally recognized GRS tag, and the manufacturer will become the designated processing enterprise of many well-known domestic and foreign brands. GRS is the English abbreviation of Global Recycling Standard. This is an international, voluntary and comprehensive product standard that sets out requirements for third-party verification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. GRS applies to any product that contains at least 20% recycled material and must be certified at every stage of production starting at the recycling stage and ending at the final seller in a business-to-business transaction. Material collection and material concentration locations are subject to self-declaration, document collection and site visits. When the recycled material content is higher than 20%, you can apply for GRS certification, and when the recycled material content is 50%, you can hang the GRS mark on the product. Obtaining GRS certification is equivalent to obtaining a green pass, realizing the unification of commercial value and social value.

What is the use of GRS certification for enterprises?


Global recognition makes it easier for us to reach the international stage


Standard recovery materials content signs


Opportunities for the list of international buyers and world -renowned companies


Enhance the market competitiveness of "green" and "environmental protection"


Strengthen corporate brand awareness

How to control GRS products

Since obtaining the GRS environmental protection certification, we have actively responded to the call of the country, accelerated the realization of carbon neutrality, adhered to sustainable development, and strived to innovate with technology to develop environmentally friendly recycled materials with excellent performance. “Gold medal quality, top brand, win-win world” is our pursuit and goal. With more than ten years of experience, we will update the management concept and equip with advanced technology to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

The storage of GRS raw materials, exiting the warehouse, the warehouse must be registered separately.

The production of GRS products of
each process must be clearly recorded and facilitates statistics.

To the GRS product from non -GRS products, clean the machine first, then produce, clean the clean record table.

From GRS products to non -GRS products, do not need to write clean records.

The warehouse and exit records of the finished product, the warehouse should be preserved clearly.

GRS related records are stored for 5 years.

GRS products must use special containers when the flow of various processes is transferred.

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