Cleaning plastic from the ocean is not easy

  What makes plastic so unique is its durability, but also its Achilles heel. Plastic in the ocean will last for millennia—not just as bottles and toys but in tiny fragments called microplastics, making it much harder to clean from the ocean than conventionally thought. These microplastics float throughout sea-currents and find their way into the lungs of fish and ruin ecosystems.??

  In addition, most plastic isn’t?actually floating?at the surface of the ocean waiting to be easily cleaned but has sunk to the bottom. A recent study by researchers from?Manchester University?indicates that?the vast majority of?plastic sinks to the ocean floor, further and further from our sight and grasp. This plastic is difficult to reach, let alone remove, causing further damage to our ocean’s ecosystems with very few potential solutions, making the case for prevention even more crucial.?

pvc scrap
pvc scrap

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