Polycarbonate Granules offered by us are manufactured using latest technology

Polycarbonate Granules Transparent

Polycarbonate Granules Polycarbonate Granules offered by us are manufactured using latest technology. These Recycled Polycarbonate Granules find application in various industries due to their superior quality. Available in different specifications, our Polycarbonate Granules can be customized as per clients’ specifications. The various qualitative features of the Polycarbonate Granules together with their competitive price are the […]

We offer high quality ABS Granules in a wide variety

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Offering a wide array of engineering plastic raw materials such as ABS Granules, ABS Colour Granules , ABS FR Granules , ABS Natural Dana, ABS Milky Dana, ABS Black Dana, ABS Grey Dana, ABS-PC Alloy etc. About ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is formed by the polymerization of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene monomers. Chemically, this […]

What is ABS plastic granules?

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Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is an opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer. “Thermoplastic” (as opposed to “thermoset”) refers to the way the material responds to heat. Thermoplastics become liquid (i.e. have a “glass transition”) at a certain temperature (221 degrees Fahrenheit in the case of ABS plastic). They can be heated to their melting point, cooled, […]

High impact strength ABS Glass Filled Plastic Granules

Features: DurableHeat resistantHigh impact strengthOther Details: Specific glass filled colours can be tailor made in both virgin and semi-virgin.Precise loading of glass fiber.High quality imported glass used.Glass coated with coupling agent used for better compatibility with plastic to give enhanced properties.Additional additives used for better coupling of glass with plastic to compensate for the reduced […]

Characteristics of TPR raw material

  TPR has qualities that combine the properties of rubber with the moulding capabilities of thermoplastics. Think of custom-fitted floor mats in cars, for example. TPR is also standard material for truck-bed liners.   Characteristics of TPR:   Holds its shape   It comes in varying levels of flexibility   Flexibility can be increased by adding more rubber to the […]

TPE compound granules applications

TPE compound granules applications   What is TPE?   Made up of soft and hard domains, TPEs are multiphase materials in their solid state. Some engineers may wonder why they’re rubbery – and there’s a very good reason for this.   The temperature range and unique design of a TPE is determined by its glass transition temperature during […]

The difference between TPE and TPR

Soft Tpe Granule

  TPE and TPR definitely offer some differences, which really comes down to their base materials. TPE is modified from SEBS base material and TPR is often modified from SBS.   To better understand the difference in the manufacturing processes behind TPE and TPR, we must first break down the meaning of SEBS base material and SBS. […]

TPE Granules Manufacturers and Suppliers

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) – TPEs are a family of polymers that can be repeatedly stretched without permanently deforming the shape of the part. Unlike rubber-like elastomers, they do not require curing or vulcanization, as they are true thermoplastics. Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) may be processed by conventional thermoplastic techniques such as injection molding, extrusion and blow […]

Not all plastics can be, or are recycled

  The word ‘plastic’ is really an umbrella term that refers to a family of products, made in similar styles from similar materials. However, according to the?PEW Research Centre,?there are some plastics that cannot be recycled:?flexible mono-materials that are made into plastic bags and wrapping-films in packaging, and multilayer plastics that can been seen as food […]