Not all ocean plastic is recyclable

  Although many companies are developing products and packaging made from ‘recycled ocean plastic’ this terminology is somewhat misleading. Not just a matter of semantics; the reality is that most of the plastic retrieved from the ocean is very difficult to process. Once plastic enters the ocean, it becomes degraded by sea salt and UV light—rendering the material brittle, fragmented and discolored—making it largely unusable for recycling. Because of this, most plastic retrieved from the ocean will not make it to the recycling plant but is stored in warehouses or incinerated. Whereby ocean?plastic becomes a clean-up effort, not a recycling effort. This means that for recycling to occur, it must be collected?before?it reaches the ocean?– hence a much more fitting?term ‘ocean-bound’ plastic.?

1,Please check our  pictures in attachment.Do you need this pvc granule for which kind of product? May you show me your final product picture?Then our engineer will open a suitable formula to your final product.

2,What is your material data spec. Hardness SHORE A /Density/Color/Quantity of your products?Then I will quote you exact catalog&price later.

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