Using PCR plastics to further promote waste plastic recycling

Using PCR plastic mixed with virgin plastic to make plastic products not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also reduces energy consumption and helps protect the environment.

PCR plastic is one of the important directions to reduce plastic pollution and contribute to “carbon neutrality.”

(2) Using PCR plastics to further promote waste plastic recycling

The more people who use PCR plastics, the greater the demand, which will further improve the recycling of waste plastics and will gradually change the mode and commercial operation of waste plastics recycling, which means that fewer waste plastics go to landfills, incineration and exist in the natural environment.

(3) Policy promotion

At present, many countries in the world are enacting legislation to enforce the use of PCR plastics.

The use of PCR plastics will add a sense of responsibility to the brand to protect the environment, which will also become a highlight of brand promotion. In addition, with the increased awareness of consumers’ environmental protection, many consumers are also willing to pay for PCR-packaged products.

Pp Granules de PP

1,Please check our  pictures in attachment.Do you need this pvc granule for which kind of product? May you show me your final product picture?Then our engineer will open a suitable formula to your final product.

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