What is Polycarbonate?


  What is Polycarbonate?

  What does PC stand for?

  PC is an acronym for PolyCarbonates  granules, a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups (carbon that is bonded to three oxygen groups).

  What is PC’s plastic identification number?

  PC does not have its own plastic number. Instead, PC is identified by number 7, which is a€?othera€? plastic types.

  What are properties of PC plastic?

  PC raw material is durable, has high impact strength, and is exceptionally clear.

  Have densities between 1.20 a€“ 1.22 g/cm3.

  Polycarbonate is naturally transparent with the ability to transmit light nearly that of glass.

  It has high strength, toughness, heat resistance, and excellent dimensional and color stability.

  It has fair chemical resistance but is attacked by many organic solvents.

  It is fairly expensive compared to other plastics.

  Flame-retardants can be added to polycarbonate without significant loss of properties.

  Glass fibers can be added to polycarbonate to significantly increase tensile strength, flexural strength, flexural modulus, and heat deflection temperature. Doing so will cause a decrease in the impact strength and tensile elongation.

  Polycarbonate plastic products?

  Data storage including, CDs, DVDs, blu-ray discs, etc.

  Lenses including sunglasses, prescription glasses, automotive headlamps, riot shields, instrument panels, etca€|

  PC is derived from bisphenol A (BPA) and is no longer used in food applications

  Electrical and telecommunications hardware

  Construction materials such as dome lights, sound walls, etc.

  Automotive, aircraft, and security components

  Medical applications

  Is PC plastic recyclable?

  Yes, PC plastic is 100% recyclable with large demands in China.

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