What is PS plastic?

  What is PS Plastic?

  What does PS stand for?

  PS is an acronym for PolyStyrene, a rigid, glassy thermoplastic that is derived from petroleum.

  What is PS plastic?

  Polystyrene is recycling number 6.

  What are some properties of PS?

  PS is exceptionally clear and naturally glassy.

  Has a density of around 1.05 g/cm3.

  Burns with orange-yellow flame, with black soot.

  Polystyrene is hard and brittle with low impact strength (easily snaps).

  Poor chemical resistance.

  Poor weather-ability.

  Polystyrene can be modified to improve impact strength. In the case of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), polybutadiene rubber is added during polymerization.

  PS can also be modified into EPS or more commonly known as Styrofoam.

  What are some products made from PS?

  CD / DVD jewel cases

  Audio and videocassette casings

  Model assembly kits

  Clear disposable cups

  Styrofoam packaging such as boxes, filler material, etc (EPS)

  Styrofoam tableware such as cups, plates, containers, etc (EPS)

  Building insulation (EPS)

  Cases for electronic equipment such as television, air conditioner, and computer cases (HIPS)

  Stationary such as pen cases, organizing trays, etc (HIPS)

  Toys (HIPS)

  Can PS be recycled?

  Yes, PS, HIPS, EPS are 100% recyclable. While this is the case, most recycling centers in the United States do not accept PS.

  It is estimated that more than 25 billion Styrofoam cups are tossed every single year.

hips Granules Price
hips Granules Price

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