What products are made from LDPE?


  What is LDPE Plastic?

  What does LDPE stand for?

  LDPE is an acronym for Low Density PolyEthylene and is a thermoplastic derived from petroleum used mainly in the plastic bag and film industry.

  What is LDPE’s plastic number?

  LDPE is recycling number 4.

  What are LDPE’s properties?

  LDPE is flexible, tough, and relatively transparent.

  LDPE has density range between 0.910a€“0.940 g/cm?3.

  LDPE can withstand temperatures around 80 ?°C continuously.

  Compared to HDPE, LDPE is more resilient with less tensile strength. That is, LDPE is more pliable but less strong.

  LDPE has excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, bases and esters.

  LDPE has good resistance to aldehydes, ketones, and vegetable oils.

  What products are made from LDPE?

  Grocery bags

  Thin packaging (bread, newspaper, dry cleaning, sandwich bags, etca€|)

  Plastic film (ie., cling wrap, saran wrap)

  Squeeze bottles

  Six pack rings (for sodas)

  Moisture barriers in construction

  Agricultural wrap

  Plastic laminate for cardboard milk and juice bottles

  Flexible parts via injection molding

  Can LDPE be recycled?

  Yes, LDPE is 100% recyclable. Please call your recycling center or curbside program before depositing your LDPE (number 4 plastic).

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