Why use PCR plastic?

PCR plastic is one of the important directions to reduce plastic pollution and contribute to “carbon neutrality.”

Since the invention of plastic, plastic products have undeniably brought great convenience to human beings. But the accompanying problem of plastic waste should not be underestimated. Humans generate about 30 million tons of plastic waste every year, of which 14.1 million tons are plastic packaging waste, and only a small part is properly disposed of. According to the data, the proportion of plastic recycling is only 14%, and most of them are downgraded recycling, and the effective recycling ratio is only 2% (data source: “Single-use plastics a roadmap for sustainability”). It can be seen that plastic recycling is still at a low level.

Using PCR plastic mixed with virgin plastic to make plastic products not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also reduces energy consumption and helps protect the environment.

pvc plastic granules manufacturing process
pvc plastic granules manufacturing process

1,Please check our  pictures in attachment.Do you need this pvc granule for which kind of product? May you show me your final product picture?Then our engineer will open a suitable formula to your final product.

2,What is your material data spec. Hardness SHORE A /Density/Color/Quantity of your products?Then I will quote you exact catalog&price later.

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