Characteristics of TPR raw material

  TPR has qualities that combine the properties of rubber with the moulding capabilities of thermoplastics. Think of custom-fitted floor mats in cars, for example. TPR is also standard material for truck-bed liners.

  Characteristics of TPR:

  Holds its shape

  It comes in varying levels of flexibility

  Flexibility can be increased by adding more rubber to the chemical makeup

  Can be formulated so the rubber smell is not noticeable


  Can be coloured to your requirements

  TPR is used in applications which require gluing, such as footwear and toys, while TPE doesn’t react well to adhesives. You’ll also find TPR at work in:


  Wire and cable


  Bitumen additives

  Automotive trim



  Film and sheet

  Similar to TPE, TPR incorporates the flexibility of rubber and plastics – and in terms of combustion, TPR emits thicker and darker smoke when burning, as opposed to TPE. When using thermoplastic elastomers, engineers are able to stretch them to moderate elongations. They can then be returned to the original shape; what this does is offer a much longer life. On top of this, the fact that the TPR provides a better physical range than other materials is also a big draw.

Dongguan Humstar Macromolecule Technology Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production and sales integration of environmentally friendly PVC plastic raw material.We has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification of well-known enterprises. We also passed several environmental certifications, such as ROHS,PAHS,REACH,SGS .And satisfied the standard of toy and medical industries.The company is committed to creating a professional environment-friendly PVC plastic raw materials integrated production plant.The company has factories, office buildings and dormitories 15000 square meters. Since its established, we introduce a full set of international advanced level of production equipment, with a dust-free workshop specializing in the production of medical grade, food grade and other high-end PVC rubber. Factory equipped with laboratory, can provide professional proofing, color, weight, hardness, environmental protection test services. Production workshop with 12 sets 150mm synchronous twin screw extruder, 5 sets 120mm single screw extruder, and equipped with sophisticated detection equipment.Our comprehensive monthly production capacity reached 1000 tons. We has professional and technical and production management personnel more than 50 people, to provide customers with high quality products and perfect after-sales service. The company has consistently adhered to the “people-oriented, innovative development, harmonious coexistence” business philosophy, and constantly enhance market competitiveness, to meet customer demand for quality and service.We can supply PVC material: high transparent PVC, food grade PVC, medical PVC, tasteless PVC, toy PVC, cable&wire PVC, furniture PVC , articles for daily use PVC granules and anti-static sole PVC particles etc..The products are mainly used in rubber materials with various specifications of PVC toys, furniture,plug,bathroom,medical,electronic wire&cable series products and a variety of PVC injection molding products and so on. According to the actual need of the required products of customers, we can design and develop the products such as SR, heat, cold, water and oil resistant, high fuel resistance, anti-static, special environmental protection, the national environmental protection requirements and so on.

In order to fight against the new coronavirus, our factory has introduced advanced equipment and engineers this year, equipped with a new MFI-1500 PP particle production line, specializing in the production of mask melt blown PP particles and electret masterbatch.

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